Opposition Supporters Rioting in Nairobi

It seems Wanjiku has been done in by the Promises-Givers(That her life was meant for better after the 2022 General elections) and for now, her pre-occupation is fending for her day-to-day survival in a Country of Plenty and Opulent extravagancy by the WaBenzi.

It seems the Political class had a twin strategy to silence both Wanjiku and the Middle-Class. And it this has been achieved in TOTAL.

It's now time for the Middle-Class to be worked on and 'silenced ' by the 'Taxation of their being to the last coin'.

If the Middle-Class can remain silent and 'contented with what is happening in the Economy, none shall stand up for Kenyans, because the Political Class have designed and collaborated to play 'decoy politics' to keep Wanjiku and the Middle class pre-occupied with 'Politics only ' to the detriment of our commonality-the Economy. None shall put the economy on the discourse table unless it's on matters of 'eating'.We ' eat ' before we produce.

Before the Maandamano war drums settle and the Country 'talks', the Middle Class and Wanjiku have a full plate of Politics to 'Occupy their minds and energies for at least the next 36 Months 'as the Political Class' eats as defined by their shares When shall all work on the Economy beyond political party affiliations and factionalism. When shall we work as Kenyans beyond any shade of 'official discrimination'.

Are we back to the 'Animal Farm Politics' as a Country? Where are our vanguard institutions, inbuilt and protected by the 2010 Constitution? Some Professionals and Experts say that the issue is the Winner-take-all, in a mix of an authoritarian Presidency system, and are now pushing for a Parliamentary system in the BBI-Fashion. But is the problem the system of Governance per se or our newly developed Culture of development and opportunities allocation by 'Share-holding'? That one Kenya is defined by the number of shares one has 'Corporate Style'-with some having the Veto-Share holding and mandate to do anything and everything -back to the politics of the 'Haves' and the 'Have-nots'.

When shall we all agree to disagree that the 'Economy is our common business' beyond the share-holding mantra that we get fed from every day of our lives? The share-holding culture has permeated all levels of Government, National, and County.

Woe unto you if you have no shares-you remain, by default, outside the mainstream till and after the next 2027 electoral cycle-when the shares shall be re-issued! This shareholding culture has eaten our Technocrats to the bone. Those who have it, have it all and those who did not 'buy' the shares in the 2022 electoral cycle are condemned -this makes nonsense of the so 'many jobs being advertised'-they only satisfy the papers but, in reality, the advertised big jobs, have their takers, pre-determined under the 2022 share offers-making sense of the dictum-its not what you know but whom you know!

This trend must be stopped at all costs. Wanjiku gave in and upon this, it's the Middle-Class that must stand up for this and STOP THE TREND -or else The Poly-class wataapwangwa

This Country must be taken back to Merit & Patriotism settings. Where merit matters and all regions and nationalities matter, else the Notion that we have a Country one can believe in and be proud of is a FACADE.

If power belongs to the people and the same people are 'sat on ' by the shareholders, shall we have any moral standing to stop yeah same people if they stand up and say enough is enough-What shall happen when the Falcon can no longer hold the Falconer? 

Shall we be at ease as a Country or things shall start to FALL APART!!